About Us

When you need cash, the last thing you need are some guys in suits asking you a bunch of questions, making you jump through hoops and taking their sweet time deciding whether or not your are worthy of their considerations.

When you need cash, you need cash. Period. End of story. FAST, EASY, NO HASSLE.

When you need cash, TitleAndPaydayLoans can help. We're not a bank. We're just here to get you get the cash you need when unexpected expenses arise. We work with a network of over 700 licensed vendors who can get you fast cash with either a title loan or a payday loan.

We understand the seriousness of your need and we're here to help you meet it. Unexpected expenses mean you often don't see them coming. The last thing you need is a complicated process. You know you need money quickly and that's enough for us.

So here's the deal, if you own your car fill out the simple online form and a licensed vendor representative will be in touch shortly to take you through the easy title loan process. Don't own a car? No worries! Select payday loans on the inquiry form and a representative will call you to walk you though the payday loan process. It's that simple. Get Started today!

Title Loan

Title Loans

Our licensed vendors will help you get the cash needed to handle almost any emergency cash situation today. Up to $15,000.

Payday Loan

Payday Loans

If you don't own a car, we have several licensed vendors who can offer you a payday loan up to $1,200!