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Online Payday Loan FAQ

Need more information about online payday loans? Read through the questions that are most frequently asked by our customers. We provide the answers you need to get your online payday loan questions answered quickly.

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What is an online payday loan?
An online payday loan, like a payday advance, is a loan that allows you to borrow emergency cash between paychecks. The amount you can receive will change from state to state, but generally you can get anything between $100 and $1,200. The amount you could receive will depend on your income, ability to show the required items and your ability to repay the loan.
What do I need to get a payday loan online?
To get an online payday loan, you don't have to bring in a lot of required items. Our vendors only require you to bring in four things for them to assess. You will need to bring in the following:
  • Your driver's license or state-issued photo ID.
  • Your most recent pay stub.
  • A blank check.
  • Proof of an active checking account in your name.
Do you have an online form?
There is an online inquiry contact form to start the process, but not an online application form. The inquiry form is the contact information needed for a representative to call you. Don't worry, we make sure to keep your information completely safe and only share it with our trusted vendors.
Can I make my payday loan payments online?
When it comes to this loan, you don't only get to start the process online, you also get to pay online. You do not have to come into one of our vendors' stores to make your repayments. Instead, just go to this link to begin making payments:
Do I apply online?
While you can start the process online, this is not technically a fully remote payday loan, and you can't complete the whole process of a payday loan online. The way it works is that you fill out the form and finish everything at the store of one of our nearest vendors.
Is a store visit required to get a payday loan online?
To get an online payday loan, you are required to come into one of our vendors' stores. If you need help finding the nearest location, you can either fill out the online form and have them give you a call, or you can check out the locations page on our website. From there, you can just scroll through our list of vendors and choose the nearest one.
How often can I take out an online payday loan?
The terms and frequency to get a payday loan online might vary. For more details, please check with your local licensed vendor location.
Will my personal information be kept confidential?
Of course! At Title & Payday Loans, your privacy is the most important thing. Read our Privacy Policy to see the information we need to collect and what we do with that information.
Do I need a checking account to qualify for a payday loan online?
Just like you normally would for a payday loan, you must be able to show proof of an active checking account in your name. This allows our vendors to get a full picture of your financial situation - which in turn helps them determine how much they can lend you if you are approved for the loan.
How much can I borrow?
When it comes to an online payday loan, you can get anywhere between $100 - $1,200 to help you handle your emergency expenses before your next paycheck comes in.
Will you have to check my credit?
Your credit does not play a part in whether you qualify for this loan or not. This means you can still come see one of our vendors and find out if you can get approved even if you have poor credit. Our vendors also won't report your loan to any major credit bureaus.
How does an online payday loan work?
How an online payday loan works is similar to a payday loan. You will fill out the online form on the Title & Payday Loans website and we will then connect you with one of our trusted vendors nearest you. From there, you will come into the store so they can assess you. While you can't get a payday loan online, you can begin the process online so that the store representative can assess your items as soon as you come in.
How long is the entire process?
From the time you walk into one of our vendors' stores, the entire process should be as fast as 30 minutes. Our vendors work quickly to get you the answers you need.
When will I receive the money if I am approved?
If you are approved for an online payday loan from one of our vendors, you should have the money either later that same day or the next bank business day at the latest.
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