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Don't Break Your Budget During The Holidays With Affordable DIY Options  

The holidays can bring a lot of stress for many people. This is because many want everything to be perfect and often spend too much money getting there. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

You can make the holiday season fun, less stressful, more affordable, and even more memorable by implementing DIY projects into your plans. Doing these things yourself rather than getting them done or buying ready-made items can add your personal touch. 

4 Ways You Can DIY Your Way Through The Holidays!

1. Create A Beautiful Door Decoration

All you need is an adjustable shower rod, some greenery, ribbon, and any other Christmas items you want to include. You can be as creative as you want with this project! Stretch out the rod to know how it fits over a doorway. The lower it to work on it. 

Wrap and drape the greenery on it and tie it with floral wire. Next, decorate with ribbon and other Christmas decor. Then easily install the entire piece in the doorway. 

2. Make Your Gifts

Many people have forgotten that handmade gifts can be just as memorable as bought ones, if not more. You can make a scrapbook for a friend or family member, frame an old family recipe or letter as a keepsake, or make homemade candles to sit in vintage jars and dishes. There are countless ideas. 

You can take wrapping gifts to a new level too by creating your own wrapping paper. Use newspaper or old brown bags, if you have them, for wrapping. Decorate the paper with markers or construction paper to personalize the wrapping. This is a good project to do with kids.

woman with piggy bank for affordable DIY holiday options

3. Decorate With Scraps

Anything can be turned into a tree ornament or a decorated holiday piece. Let the kids create a paper chain for the tree or use leftover fabric pieces for bows for the tree and decor. Use jam jars with fairy lights around the house. 

You can also find greenery outside your home to add to the mantle or other spots around the house. Many types of bushes and trees hold their leaves over winter so use them rather than buying at the store. Just be careful pets don't eat the leaves or any berries that may be harmful to them. 

4. Bake

The holidays are nothing without the smell of cookies and treats. These are items that can be given to extended family and friends too. Find your favorite family recipes and get the whole family involved. It will be a time to remember for them and you. 

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